JD(U) leader Uday Narayan Chaudhary quits party


Senior Janata Dal (United) leader and former Assembly Speaker Uday Narayan Chaudhary on Wednesday announced that he is quitting the party.
Mr. Chaudhary, an influential Dalit leader of the State, said he was hurt over Nitish Kumar-led NDA government’s anti-Dalit approach.
“From now onwards I’m no longer associated with the JD(U) in any way… I am hurt over Nitish Kumar-led NDA government’s anti-Dalit approach,” Mr. Chaudhary said.
“The government recently stopped scholarship for Dalit students, kept silence over SC/ST Atrocities Act and reservation for Dalits in promotion of their services… the government is also keeping mum over reservation of Dalits in judiciary… the attacks on Dalits too have increased in the State”, charged Mr. Chaudhary.
“But, the party [JD(U)] is promoting only capitalists”, he alleged further.
Mr. Chaudhary recently participated in the first anniversary programme of former BJP leader Yashwant Sinha’s National Forum (Rashtriya Manch) in Patna and had slammed the NDA government in Bihar and at the Centre.
When asked about his future plan, Mr. Chaudhary said, “Only time will tell, but I’m no longer with JD(U), BJP and other NDA alliance parties.”
To a question on whether he would be joining the RJD?, “My options are open… just wait for some time,” he replied to The Hindu. Mr Chaudhary, for some time, has been in touch with the Opposition party RJD.
“There are several other leaders in JD(U) who too are ready to quit the party…. there will be exodus from the party in coming days… lets wait,” added Mr. Chaudhary who was with the JD(U) for the last two decades.


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