CII conducts workshop on ‘Prevention of sexual harassment’ POSH: Know your rights at work’


Shadow Correspondent
To ensure safe working place for women, CII opens on sensitizing Industries and Corporate houses for prevention of Sexual Harassment by conducting workshops and awareness programmes.
The workshop saw Augusta gathering of women employees of Reliance working at different levels. Dr. Kavita Suri, Director and Head, Department of Lifelong Learning, University of Jammu, Member J&K State Commission for Women, Ms. Neetu Dhar, Centre Manager for Corporate Day Care Centre in Pune were the key note speakers. Mr. Sanjeev Saxena, Head HR, Reliance Jio and others were present for the session.
Dr. Kavita Suri, has done considerable work on women’s issues and made a detailed presentation on “Gender, sex and sexual harassment at workplaces”. While focussing on Sociological and legal aspects of POSH, she said POSH aims to prevent prohibit and redress sexual harassment at workplaces in India.
Ms Neetu Dhar, deliberated on ‘Choosing Best practical strategies and Right action plans to deal with sexual harassment’, she also mentioned that Sexual harassment is unfortunately a common occurrence in the workplace.
When it occurs, it is difficult to experience, and it is important to le arn the ways to effectively deal with it. Earlier, Applauding CII’s efforts, welcoming the guest speaker and introducing the topic, Mr. Sanjeev Saxena, Head HR said in Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd.
we feel it is very important to strengthen women’s role and participation in the economic and community affairs, by enhancing the frequency of such sensitization programmes at regular intervals. It becomes our utmost responsibility to keep sexual harassment at bay for a constructive work culture.


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