Announces to raise black flag on rooftop till CBI enquiry is ordered


Shadow Correspondent
Shri Ram Sena today once again demanded CBI enquiry into Rasana murder case. Addressing a press conference in Jammu, Shri Ram Sena State President Rajiv Mahajan citing recent expose by ZEE news strongly emphasised for CBI enquiry into the case adding by now it is now almost clear that justice without CBI enquiry into the case is almost impossible. Adding further Mahajan said that some of the startling revelations by a TV channel report has now raised some serious question marks over the credibility of the Crime branch investigation in the case. TV channel news report, has brought concrete evidence in the public domain which clearly suggested that accused young boy was not present in Kathua as claimed by the crime branch report in its charge sheet.
The TV channel report has also claimed that accused was not present in Kathua and he had appeared in his examination and also withdrew money from an ATM in Muzzafarnagar on the day this inhumane incident happened.
He claimed the channel has clearly exposed the ‘botched up’ investigation by the crime branch team in the sensitive matter. He also alleged the investigation was ‘politically’ motivated and based on fabricated evidence to target members of a particular community.
He expressed confidence that if any central agency would take up investigations in the case the entire mystery surrounding the case would be unravelled and the ‘real’ culprits would be identified. He announced that till Govt orders CBI enquiry into the case, Black Flag will remain raised on rooftop of Shri Ram Sena head office in Jammu. He also appealed to Jammu Dogras to do the same so that our Ministers and others in administration can have a look at these flags while moving by air from Jammu to Srinagar and vica versa so that their sleeping soul can be awaken to order CBI enquiry into the case.


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