PK organizes seminar on ‘Demographic invasion on Jammu & Ladakh’


Shadow Correspondent
Panun Kashmir organized a seminar at Press Club Jammu on 30-4-2018. The topic of the seminar was ‘Demographic invasion of Jammu’. Prominent Speakers in the seminar were Dr Ajay Chrungoo, Chairman Panun Kashmir, Dr Agnishekher , Convenor Panun Kashmir, Sh Ankur Sharma, Advocate, prominent Civil rights activist and emerging leader of Jammu, Prof Hari Om, eminent thinker, analyst and writer of Jammu, Sh B S Slathia, President J&K High Court Bar Association , Jammu and H L Bhat, representing JK Vichar Manch.
All the speakers unanimously expressed concern on the sustained campaign of changing the demographic profile of Jammu province from a Hindu majority area into a Muslim majority area. This campaign has received full help from the political class and the governments of the day which makes it almost a state sponsored campaign, opined all the speakers while elucidating the aspects of this new challenge.
Ankur Sharma described the demographic invasion as a multifaceted Islamofascist war being waged on Jammu to reduce the Hindus of Jammu into a minority and suck the province of Jammu into the vortex of Islamisation. ” From funded colonization, induces Muslim migrations from Kashmir and even other parts of India, fraudulent grab of government and forest lands and their regularization as well a s connivance to insulate the encroachers from law of the land to the settlement of foreign Muslim nationals particularly from Burma and Bangladesh, this demographic invasion has assumed war like proportions,” he said and appealed to people of Jammu to stand up as one entity to defeat this war.
B S Salathia , the President of the J&K High Court Bar Association, Jammu reiterated the commitment of the Jammu Bar not to rest till the Rhongiyas and Bangladeshi foreigners settled in Jammu are taken out of Jammu and relocated elsewhere . He said the Minutes containing the orders of the Chief Minister not to act against the illegal encroachers of land in Jammu have to be withdrawn forth with as the instructions contained in them are illegal and an invitation to grab more land. Sh Slathia assured the people of Jammu that Bar Association of Jammu will continue to agitate till these two goals are not fulfilled.
Dr Agnishekher, in his presentation described the Demographic invasion as an integral component of a Jihadi war.
He said this war was unleashed on Jammu immediately after the religious cleansing of Hindus from Kashmir.
Dr Ajay Chrungoo said that the Muslim demographic invasion of Jammu is no longer a stealth operation. “It is a brazen operation which can be easily described as state sponsored. From settlement of Muslim Foreign nationals in Jammu to allowing encroachment and grab of forest and government lands in Jammu, both the state and the Central governments have been willing accomplices in the demographic assault on Jammu. Why are the governments of the day, cohorts in this anti-national operation, is only the reflection of the subversive reach of the enemy.
We are not facing an aggression of Pakistan from outside but also a Pakistan entrenched inside and using the wherewithal of the State of India to wage a war on the Hindus.”
Sh H L Bhat, leader of JK Vichar Manch said that the situation is so critical that if we donot respond to it now with all the might at our disposal we are doomed. He said that the biggest disappointment is that so called Hindu forces have become collaborators in the campaign to destroy Hindus of Jammu.
The Seminar was conducted by Sh Daya Krishen Koul. Sh K Raina, Gen Secretary Panun Kashmir, concluded the deliberations by paying vote of thanks to all the participants and the hosts.


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