Munn tries to keep man busy at all the times: Madhu Param Hansji Maharaj


Shadow Correspondent
Showering spiritual pearls on the devotees during his discourse at Sant Ashram, Ranjri, Samba today, Sadguru Sh. Madhu Param Hansji Maharaj, the spiritual head of Sahib Bandgi Panth said that man even in spite of his earnest attempts to take himself away from the fold of Munn has not so far succeeded in doing so. Munn tries to keep man busy at all the times. It continues to mislead the soul whether we are awake or in sleep and the soul has also begun to take itself as body.
Our fourteen Indries (organs) are also nothing but Munn. Munn & Maya are two faces of the same coin. All have been misled. Mind keeps us busy all the times like a child that is kept busy with the help of toys. It doesn’t allow us to sit in meditation & continues to disturb us in one way or the other.
Even a moment for which our soul stops wavering is very great indeed. But we find that to control the wavering soul for a moment even is not so easy. The fact is that our soul itself is a store of eternal bliss & joys and has no need to try for it. This is because it is a part of Paramatma who Himself is an embodiment of eternal bliss.
The moment when our mind & soul are in unwavering state, is very excellent indeed. At this stage we shall be able to realize that the desires arising in us are the source of troubles. It is in this context that Sahib Kabirji has said-
If we want to have pleasures we shall have to control our desires. But our mind doesn’t allow our soul to remain at peace. Sometimes we take some decision but soon our mood changes. Sometimes, we derive pleasures in teh company of our children while at other times we do so from other worldly things but actually this pleasure lies in our Surti & not in the worldly objects as we feel.
In heaven there is comparatively less discomfort while in Brahm lok the degree of discomfort is still less but there is no place in the 3 lokas that can give us real comforts. None in the 3 lokas can escape from the grip of Mind. Through its waves it can make us sad as well as happy.
For all 24 hours this mind is busy in its activities. Meditation in shunya (nothingness) means to put an end to all the activities & to concentrate at shunya. Satguru will provide the energy needed for that. You won’t be able to control your mind without the blessings of your satguru. All your power, mental faculties & earnest attempts can’t enable you to do so.
The blessings of the sadguru will enable us not only to attain the needful but also to have control over mind.


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