How long Jammu people shall digest political humiliation & continuation of humiliation


Shadow Correspondent
“This is repetition of continuation of political insult and humiliation to the people of the state particularly the people hailing from Jammu province that state cabinet has been reimposed on the people against their wishes & needs. Anybody who knows political chaos in the State of J&K under the present leadership may imagine the real situation that is boiling in every region of the state. Bullets, guns’ rule, anarchy, total failure of delivery of justice system with no political ailment.” This was statement issued by Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party today after the reconstitution of state ministry with six cabinet ministers and one state minister. The biggest joke of the day that a Dy. Chief Minister from Jammu province was forced to resign and replaced by a wealthy legislator from Jammu city holding the seat of the Assembly Speaker. Many feel surprised how a distinguished professor holding number two status in the Govt. of J&K could be fired and forced to accept the rank of a Speaker. Shall he accept the offer? It is the question which can be answered only by the former Dy.Chief Minister himself. Shall he preside over and maintain silence in the State Assembly or teach history in the Jammu University. NPP Supremo further counselled the former Dy. Chief Minister to surive the trap and reject the said offer.
Prof.Bhim Singh said that there is political confusion today regarding the solution to the problems in J&K. The only way is the present Governor should apply his mind under Section 92 of the State Constitution to save the state from total collapse and security of the state and its people. The Governor should give this message in clear terms to the Modi Govt. as the BJP has managed to bring seven more their MLAs under enhancement of pension scheme meant for the retired ministers. People of J&K need security for the state and protection of their fundamental rights which are not protected under the Constitution of India till today. Expansion of the sinking ministry is the last resort for the coalition government in the state. The state must have rule of law that is not possible under the present coalition government.


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