Many Youth join BJP at Muthi-Ploura constituency


Shadow Correspondent
Many youth joined BJP party in Jammu Rural in Muthi-Ploura constituency under the Leadership of Aseem Gupta state secretary BJP and Prabhari Jammu Rural and president Jammu Rural Omi Khajuria.
Aseem Gupta while speaking on the occasion, said youth is the back bone of our country and our party. He said that the BJP is concerned about the empowerment of the society. He said 65% of Indian population is youth and with their sharp vision they know very well what is good or Bad for country or state.
He requested the party youth to start working on the party formula of 1 Booth and 10 youths for upcoming Lok Sabha Election ion 2019.He said every Person in Party from PM to Booth president is life line of Party. Only BJP is the world’s Largest party with 11 Crores Karyakarta and each Karyakarta should be Inspiration for all other people of the country particularly youth and youth will definitely take the country to the New Heights and the day this will happen India will become Super Power.
Aseem said the people who are criticizing BJP, should see the progressive steps taken by the popular government. He said that in the name of Development., one should see what they have done for J&K in the name of Development in last 70 years accept corruption and spoiled image of country and state at world Level. In the meeting, Rinku Chouhan was announced BJYM Distt General Secretary and Mukesh Sharma announced Muthi-Paloura Mandal president BJYM and Many More youths joined BJP with them.
Omi Khajuria Distt President Jammu Rural said youth will do the work for party at ground level and make party strong at Booth level. He said that the present work is committed to the welfare of the masses.
Rohit Verma, Distt President Jammu Rural BJYM promised that under the party Leadership the youth will work hard Day and Night for upliftment of the Party. Other who were present are Mukesh General Secretary Distt Jammu Rural, Bodhraj Purankalik of Party Jammu Rural, Narinder ji, Rashpal Sharma, Subash, Satish etc.


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