Inter-school DYSS boys meet concludes


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JAMMU, April 26:
Karan Kumar of GHS Pull Tawi, Aryan Kumar and Shoaib Malik, both of Model Academy and Shubam Sharma of Jai Durgay Public School emerged winners of under-14 Boxing meet in the two-day inter-school competition of Jammu district concluded today under the banner of Department of Youth Services and Sports (DYSS) at MA Stadium, here.
The Boxing competition in under-17 age group also took place at the same venue. The department also organised meet in the disciplines of Kick Boxing, Boxing, Wushu, Slumbum, Thang-Tha, Squay Martial Art and Taekwondo.
In all, 250 boys drawn across 14 zones of Jammu district took part in these events. Speaking to those winners of various events, district officer (DYSS), Chanchal Kour congratulated and advised them to work hard for the upcoming inter-district meet.
The Results:
KICK BOXING: Under-14: 28 kg: Jatin Sharma, MIER, 1st; Rajat of GD Goenka, 2nd. 32 kg: Abhimanyu of BSK, Ist and Swastic of MIER, 2nd. 37 kg: Aryan of MIER, Ist. 42 kg: Arnav of GD Goenka, Ist and Vansh, MIER, 2nd. 47 kg: Yugraj, MIER, Ist and Zeeshan, GD Goenka, 2nd. 5
52 kg: Naam Dev, DPS, 1st. 57 kg: Tanmay, GD Goenka, Ist. 63 kg: Dhruv, GD Goenka, Ist. Plus 63 kg: Vansh Koul, GD Goenka, 1st.
Under-17: 40 kg: Jagjeet Singh, MIER, 1st; 45 kg: Vassu Vaid, Jammu Public School, Ist. 55 kg: Rohit, BSK, Ist and Kashish, Jammu Sanskriti, 2nd. 55 kg: Faheem, MIER, Ist. 65 kg: Ambrish Singh, BSK, Ist. 75 kg: Abdullah Malik, MIER, Ist. Plus 75 kg: Vassu Dev, BSK, Ist.
WUSHU: Under-17: 40 kg: Shivam Baloria, BSF, 1st; Abhishek of GHS Pull Tawi, 2nd and Kanav of GD Goenka, 3rd. 45 kg: Amar of DPS, Ist; Ayush of GD Goenka, 2nd and Ayam of GD Goenka, 3rd. 48 kg: Rudraksh of St. Xavier, Ist; Karun of BSK Domana, 2nd and Shubam Raina, Raina Public School, 3rd. 52 kg: Angresh of BSF, Ist and Harshdeep of GHS Domana, 2nd. 56 kg: Aman Balgotra of DPS, 1st and Shivam Pandita of GD Goenka, 2nd. 60 kg: Rahul Bakshi of Raina Public School, 1st and Mohd. Tehmour Javaid of DPS, 2nd. 65 kg: Shampy of Raina Public, Ist and Jahan Sahni of GD Goenka, 2nd. 70 kg: Mohd. Haroon of GHS Sunjwan 1st and Aditya of St. Frances Akhnoor, 2nd. 75 kg: Rudraksh Sharma of GD Goenka, 1st. 80 kg: Samar of DPS, 1st. 85 kg: Vassu Dev Sharma of BSK Domana, 1st.
BOXING: Under-14: 30-32 kg: Karan Kumar of GHS Pull Tawi, Ist. 32-34 kg: Aryan Kumar of Model Academy, Ist. 36 -38 kg: Shubam Sharma of Jai Durgay Public School, Ist. 38 – 40 kg: Shoaib Malik of Model Academy, Ist. Under-17: Upto 46 kg: Anuj Sharma of MHAC Nagbani, Ist. 46 -48 kg: Rajwal Jamwal of BSF School, Ist. 48 – 50 kg: Faheem Mushtaq of Model Academy, Ist. 50 – 52 kg: Abhi Kumar of GHSS Chouki Choura, Ist. 70 -75 kg: Abdhulla Malik of Model Academy, Ist.
TAEKWONDO: Under-14: 23 Kg: Aryan Bandral, 1st. 25 kg: Sumit Kumar, 1st and Tanish Dogra, 2nd. 27 kg: Sohan Sharma, 1st and Diyansh Mahajan, 2nd. 29 kg: Saquib, 1st and Pranav, 2nd. 32 kg: Amish Sharma, Ist and Sumit Kumar, 2nd. 35 kg: Momin Gaffar, Ist and Harman Preet, 2nd. 38 kg: Vaibhav Abrol, Ist and Akshpreet, 2nd. 41 kg: Pushap Khajuria, 1st and Aditiya Kaith, 2nd. 41 kg: Krishna Gupta, Ist and Paras, 2nd.


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