‘Apple’s next iPhone could cost less but it may depend on Samsung’


Apple iPhone X generated a lot of curiosity, hype and buzz but it certainly was affected by its high price and certain demand issues. With its next iPhone model, the Cupertino-based tech company is looking to avoid those issues. However, for that it needs to strike a deal with its biggest rival, Samsung.
According to a report in Digitimes, Apple wants Samsung to cut the price of the OLED panels. For the uninitiated, iPhone X was the first Apple phone to boast of an OLED display. The displays were made by Samsung and now Apple wants Samsung to cut the price by almost 10 per cent. This will directly lead to the cost of the next iPhone models being reduced.
While the entire tech world anticipates the next iPhone to cost more than the iPhone X but somehow if Apple does manage to get Samsung to slash the price of OLED display, the pricing could surprise many. It is reported that one third of total iPhone X production cost goes on the OLED display.
Whether Samsung agrees to the new deal or not remains to be seen. Although the South Korean tech giant could end up gaining by doing so. If the demand for new iPhone or even the iPhone X does go up then Samsung stands to gain more than it did with the iPhone X.
A recent report also highlighted that Apple had been considering other manufacturers like LG but concluded that they didn’t have the capacity to meet their demands. So that leaves it to rely on Samsung that uses Y-Octa panels for its Galaxy S9 smartphones. It was rumoured that Samsung had, in fact, offered the same panels to Apple for its next-generation of iPhones. The price of the next iPhone could very well rest in Apple’s biggest rival’s hands.


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