Step motherly treatment with Sub-Division Thathri


Shadow Correspondent
Up-grade Sub-Division, Thathri like that of Koteranka, Basohli, Billawar, Bhadarwah , Nowshera, Sunderbani & Kalakote for Equality & Justice.
Kuldeep Kumar Rao an active Member of Movement for Peace, Equality & Justice has demanded up-gradation of Sub-division Thathri like that of Koteranka, Basohli, Billawar , Bhadarwah ,Nowshera, Sunderbani & Kalakote for Equality & Justice. Rao expressed deep concern over the neglect of Thathri Sub-Division in this behalf which comprises of 5 Tehsils namely Thathri, Phagsoo, Kahara , Chiralla & Bhella which deserves to be up-graded to full-fledged District instead of having Addl. Dy. Commissioner, on top priority if at all there is some sanity in the present Government. Worth mentioning, Thathri is the central place of all above mentioned Tehsils & Even if Erstwhile Tehsil Gandoh having now one more Tehsil Bhatyas (Sub-Division Gandoh) is included, Sub-Division Thathri still remains the central place. Keeping these genuine claims in view, Mr. Rao has urged the state government to Upgrade Sub-Division Thathri to the Status of District.
The Previous government led by NC- Congress coalition, had also done the same when they announced administrative units without applying proper mind. For example a Tehsil status was granted for only one village, another was granted hardly 2 kms away from previous Tehsil H/Q. Similarly while sanctioning Degree Colleges no criteria was fixed; in some cases Degree College was sanctioned without any feeding higher Sec. Schools, ignoring the most deserving, socially, economically & educationally backward areas. Certainly theses politically motivated ambiguous decision with pick & choose policy & aim, spread discontents in the minds of people who further lose faith in the democratic institutions.


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