JUTA called for a token strike


Shadow Correspondent
In view of the unprecedented situation in the University of Jammu where due to acts of violence and coercion by handful of persons the dignity and the security of teachers had been severely undermined, the Jammu University Teachers Association had called for a token strike.
The JUTA is extremely conscious of the role of the University and particularly the University teachers in our society and the decision to go to strike was taken with a heavy heart. However, the JUTA believes that it owes an explanation to Jammu Civil Society as to why it has struck work.
For some time now, a handful of persons have been disrupting the functioning of the University and have been taking recourse of violent methods, coercion including the disruption of classes and examinations by physical intimidation and snatching of question papers. Given the current climate of anarchy in the University of Jammu created by a handful of persons which culminated in the wrongful and illegal confinement of teachers of the University, the JUTA was forced to call a strike as the dignity and safety of the members of the faculty had been adversely affected.
The JUTA felt that it was not possible for the teachers of the University to work under these conditions and the decision to strike work was unanimous.
The JUTA sought assurances from the Jammu University Administration that it would restore the conditions under which members of the faculty could serve with dignity and without fear.
But for now JUTA appeals to all stakeholders to restore the academic environment in this the campus so that this institution of ours is able to reach greater heights.


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