Supreme Court judgement a big slap on the face of Congress: BJP


Shadow Correspondent
The three judge bench headed by the Chief Justice of India has castigated the Congress party for “maligning” the judiciary and wasting the valuable time of the honourable court through frivolous and motivated petitions claimed Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party. SC said these days an avalanche of PILs are being filed to settle business and political scores and the judiciary is unnecessarily made to spend precious time looking into such PILs which leads to delay in giving justice in other cases.Brig Gupta said that Justice Loya had died a natural death due to cardiac arrest on 01 December 2014 at Nagpur, where he had gone to attend the wedding of a colleague’s daughter.
However, Congress stooped down to such low level of politics that in order to malign the image of Sh. Amit Shah Ji, National President, before the Gujarat elections through its agents raked up the issue afresh by fuelling suspicion about the circumstances surrounding the death of Justice Loya andlinking the death to Sohrabuddin Case, which Justice Loya was hearing at the time of his death, said Brig Gupta.At the behestof Congress President Rahul Gandhi, a number of Congressmen and their sympathisers filed petitions in the Supreme Court demanding an independent probe, alleged the Spokesperson.While dismissing the petitionsSC says the PIL was bereft of any truth and was an attempt to malign the judiciary. SC said Judge Loya died a natural death and there was not a shred of doubtabout it.
Congress party must feel ashamed of the big slap given on its face by the SC and apologise to the people of India demanded Brig Gupta. Brig Gupta also said that the Congress President Rahul Gandhi must grow up and behave like a matured and decent politician rather than resorting to such low level of politics.


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