Priyanka Chopra: Interesting statements


Priyanka Chopra aka our very own desi girl has been ruling across regions. The global sensation continues to be the heartthrob for millions with her performance in the West as well as her contribution to regional cinema through her production house.
In an interview with a US-based Hollywood magazine, Priyanka spoke about the difficulties of working in America.
The ‘Baywatch’ actor said that the hardest part of starting work in America was starting out after having an almost 15-year career elsewhere.
After ruling the Hindi film industry to now starring in Hollywood movies like ‘A Kid Like Jake’, Priyanka Chopra has come a long way. Priyanka reportedly added that when one wants something bad enough, he/she finds a way of doing it. And that she wants the world.
On the work front, Priyanka is currently wrapping the shoot of her American TV series ‘Quantico’ season 3 in Ireland. And interestingly, Priyanka is set to make her Bollywood comeback opposite Salman Khan in Ali Abbas Zafar’s upcoming project titled ‘Bharat’.
Priyanka told a daily that she’s looking forward to working with Salman and Ali after a considerable time. And that she has learnt a lot from them during their previous collaborations and she’s excited to see what this one has to offer.
‘Bharat’ is scheduled to hit the theatres during Eid 2019 period.Shah Rukh Khan starrer ‘Don 3’ was in the news for a long time. The media continuously speculated about a possible sequel to the blockbuster, however, the makers incessantly denied the reports until recently.
A few weeks back, it was reported that Farhan Akhtar has apparently locked the script of ‘Don 3’. It was also rumoured that one of the favourite characters from the film, ‘Junglee Billi’ aka Roma, which was played by Priyanka Chopra has been scrapped from the script. Talking about it, a source stated to a daily that the storyline is such that it doesn’t need Priyanka’s character. It’s likely to have a new cast, which will be locked soon.
However, owing to these speculations, Farhan was quick to reveal that these conjectures about Priyanka’s character being replaced need to stop as there are no hardcore facts to prove the same. In a throwback interview which dated back to 2014, Priyanka had revealed that despite ‘Don 2’ not being her film per say, no one else apart from herself could’ve pulled off a better ‘Junglee Billi’. She further added that although she is a part of the film and other such big franchises, she certainly can’t take the full credit for them.
When you are a star you ought to deal with everyday stress which is unimaginable. While everyone’s threshold to overcome stress is different, dealing with one’s own issues might seem like a tedious task at times. For someone like Priyanka Chopra, who is not just another Bollywood face, the amount of exertion is to another level altogether. Just yesterday, the globetrotter came to India for mere 16 hours for an event and soon headed back to Ireland to resume her shoot for ‘Quantico’.
While we might think that stars function differently than us, Priyanka Chopra’s recent revelation about what she does when she gets a bit emotional just quashed this thought in our heads. Speaking to a magazine, she revealed that she burns a little bit of plastic if she feels emotional. For the ones who didn’t quite get the hidden meaning behind this revelation, then PeeCee further disclosed her guilty indulgences.
She said that she ends up splurging her money and buys extravagant things like cars instead of petty shopping when she feels the urge to feel better. She further added how she likes to give herself a good life as she has worked really hard for it. From good cars to good homes to good clothes, PeeCee wants to own it all for she feels that she truly deserves them all.
Global sensation Priyanka Chopra recently talked about the disparity in the fees of male and female actors and also shared an incident where she lost out on a film due to her skin colour.
Speaking about wage disparity, PeeCee said that it happens everywhere, be it India or U.S.A. and the pay gap is staggering in films with big actors. She also revealed that she deals with such incidents by making her agent negotiate on her behalf. Referring to an incident where she faced colour-discrimination, Priyanka said that it happened last year when a studio executive called one of her agents and said, she has the wrong physicality.
As an actor, she asked whether she need to be skinnier or get in shape or does she need to have abs, as she wondered what does ‘wrong physicality’ mean. She understood it had to do something with her skin colour when her agent broke it down for her when he indicated the studio meant that they wanted someone who’s not brown.


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