Opening of Degree College at Paddar demanded


Shadow Correspondent
Any sane dispensation, in present day system with governments are supposed to behave as welfare state, much exercise its jurisprudence while sanctioning a degree college for a particular area during last about four years, more than 80 Degree Colleges have been opened in our state simply on pick & chose basis without any yard stick or criteria; may be mostly on the basis of political clout prevailing in the said area. To me it seems that criteria should be educational, economic & social backwardness but sadly it finds no finds no place in the minds of those at the helm of affairs.
Paddar is a remotest, most backward, inaccessible hilly, snow bound and neglected area with its boundaries touching with ZANSKAR in North and with PANGI (HP) in the East and is of course a Sub-Division. Whole area comprises of 32 Revenue villages and all have been declared as RBA (Reserved Backward Area) because of its social, economic & educational backwardness.
The poor students have to come down to District head quarter Kishtwar for higher studies after traveling 20 to 45 kms on foot. Under these circumstances, why no Degree College for PADDAR? May be that political bosses have assumed that poor people of the area are their bonded voters for granted for ever or they should not be opened up for higher education so that they get awakened & become a threat or that they don’t want to educate & elevate the people of the area. Whatever the case bait is a matter of great shame for those who see the area from the glasses of region or religion. Is it not an open bias or discrimination with the people of Sub-Division with huge ST & SC and all RBA population? All this has created great confusion, discrimination & insecurity amongst the poor people. There is no other Sub-Division in the state which doesn’t have the Degree College but for Paddar.
Hope this draws the attention of Education authorities, local MLA & the Chief Minister for deep thought & consideration.


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