JPPF condemns National media for defaming innocent people of Jammu


Shadow Correspondent
JPPF, an amalgam of more than 50 social, commercial, and other organizations, expressed serious concern over the Rasana rape and murder incident.
President of the Forum, Pavitar Singh Retd Judge said, “We are surprised that such a heinous crime is committed by someone who is not identified yet.”
“We all condemned the brutal act by whosoever committed and wants that the culprit should be dealt with the iron hands, this kind of act is intolerable and unacceptable,” he said and added “We condemn the State Government for not handing over the case to CBI.”
He also strongly condemned the few national electronic media houses who tried to paint a false story against entire Jammu region and projecting them as if they do not have any sympathy with the victim.
“We are also astonished to see that how this is being politicised by the different entities for the benefits best known to them, the cloud is now clearing and we are expecting that truth is gradually coming out it seems very shortly everything will be crystal clear and the nefarious design framed by the Kashmir centric forces who are hell bent upon to create the wedge among the Dogras is failed.”
JPPF, he said, is of the opinion that if the people are demanding CBI enquiry what harm in their request.
Why Govt is not interested in handing over the case to CBI? He questioned.
“We all know that CBI is an autonomous body and enquiry conducted by them will have no doubt in the minds of the people of either community so in order to bring justice Govt should immediately hand over the case to the CBI for fair and transparent enquiry.” He said.
Members present in the meeting were Narayan Singh, M.S Katoch, Avinash Bhatia, M.L Sharama, Resham Singh, Krishan Singh, Prof O.P Sharma, Ajit Singh Adyal, Rajiv Mahajan, Sunita Sharma, Rashpal Singh, Rajinder Gupta, Prof Darshan Bhatia, Balwan Singh and Rattan Singh.


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