THUGS OF HINDOSTAN: Aamir Khan REVEALS key character details, says he plays a man without principles


Aamir Khan is coming to impress us once again with Thugs Of Hindostan and we can’t help but wait to see him dazzle us once again with a never before seen act and take the standard of Indian cinema a notch higher. Aamir and Amitabh Bachchan in one frame too is an exciting prospect which we can’t wait to explore as viewers. Recently, Aamir revealed a lot more about his character and movie. He clarified that there is NO message for the audience in the this film and it is a pure commercial cinema, with a twist. He asked his fans to just ‘enjoy’ his Thugs avatar.
He revealed that Fatima Sana Shaikh will be playing the central character and the movie revolves around her. So, while talking about his character he said that it has a lot of shades and he plays a guy who can never be trusted. He has no scruples (principles) and can even sell his mother for money! Now that’s a biggie! The movie has high octane action scenes and there is a comparison between Aamir and Jack Sparrow of Pirates Of Caribbean. Silencing this conjecture, he clarified that there are many action films like Pirates of Caribbean, Indiana Jones and many others. But all these are action-adventure films. So the genre of is action adventure but the story is different and Aamir’s character bears no similarity to these iconic characters.
Thugs Of Hindostan is set in the British India period and it is about the group of bandits ‘thugs’ who are into organized crime. It is about a certain sect or cult in ancient India who was into looting and killing people, propagating general destruction. Disturbing yet intriguing? Wait till you see the movie.


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