Why is BJP desperate to defend Pradesh Congress, asks NC


Shadow Correspondent
National Conference on Monday asked Jammu and Kashmir BJP to explain to people the reasons for feeling constrained, compelled and desperate to defend Pradesh Congress by brazenly shedding the facade of ideological divergence.
Reacting to the desperate reaction of a political non-entity in the BJP in the wake of exposing his party’s clandestine nexus with some leaders of the Pradesh Congress to vitiate the time tested atmosphere of the Jammu region, State Vice President Mr National Conference Mr Rattan Lal Gupta said, in a statement issued from Sher-e-Kashmir Bhavan here, that this reflect the level of bonhomie and love lost between seemingly two varying for petty vote bank.
“The BJP has ditched its so-called core constituency of Jammu by failing on deliverance front and to avoid the wrath, it is now hobnobbing with a section of the Pradesh Congress leaders to push Jammu on edge by exploiting communal and regional sentiments”, Mr Gupta said and cautioned both the outfits not to test political maturity and sagacity of the people of Jammu region.
Mr Gupta wondered over the frustration of the BJP’s non-entity and political turn-coat, saying this describes volumes about opportunism as the same person was feeling proud to be a foot soldier of National Conference a few years ago. What has changed in these three to four years that made the politically novice self-proclaimed critic of the policies and programmes of National Conference, he added.
He accused the BJP of betraying Jammu and the vehement mandate the region gave to it in 2014. “The BJP’s State leadership stands exposed before the people of Jammu and it is this frustration that makes it to be in the company of known bĂȘte noire in the national politics”, he said and pledged that National Conference will continue to work towards harmonious growth of society where every segment of society lives with honour and dignity, as per the rich pluralistic ethos of Jammu.
“National Conference acknowledges with pride the spirit of camaraderie and the sense of accommodation of the brave people of Jammu, who have set an example of amity and tranquility”, Mr Gupta maintained.


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