Jammu Bengali community celebrated Bengali New Year


Shadow Correspondent
With great splendour, Bengalis of Jammu region celebrated and welcomed their new year on April 15 at Press Club of Jammu. Called Poila Boishakh, the event was celebrated with much fervour and enthusiasm by Bengalis with full gusto, featuring folk music, poetry recitals, cultural dance performances, and traditional Bengali sweets and delicacies. Wearing the traditional Bengali sarees and kurta the environment became a mini bengal.
The event, a perfect time for family reunion, started with greeting each other by saying “Shubho Naboborsho” followed by a spiritual lecture by Swamiji of Rama Krishna Mission Jammu. Mrs. Biswas, Mrs. Sarmistha Acharya enthralled the gatherings with their melodious voice. Dr. Anindya Goswami, Debrabrata, Kaushik Sen also sang Bengali songs. The dance of Mrs. Pallabi and Mrs. Anushree mesmerized the audience. Kaushik Ganguly and other members also participated in poetry recitation and singing.
As Bengali celebration is never complete without good food, a variety of veg and non-veg delicacies are prepared, along with a good round of desserts.
The event was flawless and became a grand success with support of Press Club of Jammu and Lt Col Tarak Mazumdar, Mrs. Reena Mazumdar, Dr. Anindya Goswami, Shri Kaushik Ganguly, Debabrata and Shib Narayan Acharya.


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