69th Birth Anniversary of Madhu Param Hansji Maharaj


Born in a small village of Bhopal, Satguru ji, right from his childhood, had a unique identity. He didn’t get entangled in the material Mayaic world. Taking service as his Dharma, first he served his parents to the possible extent & then he served the country as an army official. In the army as well he maintained his separate identity. He was given the most difficult task to perform as his seniors knew that he was fearless & honest in the performance of his duty. He reached even such high places where others couldn’t even think of.
During the period of service itself he sought the shelter of Girdharanand Ji Maharaj, a renowned saint of his time. He served his guru like a devoted disciple. Pleased with his service & devotion the guru nominated him as his successor in his very life time. He served the army for 24 years and that too at the instance of his guru who had advised him to live on his own earnings. Then, in order to devote whole of his life for helping Jivas attain salvation, he sought pre-mature retirement. He brought a revolution in the field of worship. He associated the devotees in the worship of Param Purush (Sahib) irrespective of their caste or religion. He helped lacs of devotees shun wine & meat & reformed lacs of spoiled ones. His holiness is a sea of spiritual knowledge. The secrets related to spiritualism revealed by him are not to be found in any religious book. Some seem to be lost in the outer world & others in the inner world but none talks about the spiritual knowledge. None is to be found who can show the path of true worship. None is to be found who can give message of Amarlok. If at all someone is found, he speaks on the basis of bookish knowledge. None of them has ever sighted Amarlok. This is because only one saint appears on the earth as a messenger of Param Purush. All others only imitate. Not only the devotees from different panths but many gurus as well have sought his shelter. Handing over their own Ashrams to him they desire to seek his grace for changing the fortune of their disciples as well.
He is a Baal Brahmchari. With his grace many of his disciples have been able to perform the journey to Brahmand. Earlier, even after performing hard worships, only some rare sage or yogi could succeed in performing such a journey.
The interviewers of T.V. Channels in America, Japan, Australia etc. remarked that no religious leader except him had so far left such an admirable & unique impression & that they were fully satisfied with what he preached.
None apart from his holiness can impart the high quality spiritual knowledge. But see the mentality of the selfish worldly people who tortured him in a manner Sahib Kabir was tortured by his opponents. Many false stories were cooked to damage the fair name of Sahib Satguru. He was poisoned thrice by the hypocrities. Some goons attacked Ranjdi Ashram with swords in the mid of night. 12 Ashrams of Sahib Bandgi were burnt. But all these devil like acts couldn’t disturb his peace of mind. He gladly blessed with Nam even those who had earlier denounced him on many occasions.
In recognition of his great services to the cause of peace he was awarded the ‘Gandhi peace Award’ for the year 2002 in 2003. About 600 years back Sahib Kabir had made a declaration that in the time to come he would begin from Jammu the mission of preaching the true mode of worship.
It appears as if the Satguru Madhu Param Hans ji Maharaj has descended on the earth to keep that word.


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