YAIKS holds interactive sessionYAIKS holds interactive session


Shadow Correspondent
Kashmiri Pundits prolonged migration and living as refugees in their own Country even after 28 years is making pain and anguish more intense, sympathies artificial and remedies undelivered. Inadequate healing touches are more a compulsion than to restore that we have lost under Pak sponsored terrorism.
To analyze these facts and find a-way-forward, the core group of YAIKS under the leadership of YAIKS Chief Pt. R. K. Bhat had an interactive session today in Jammu with community senior leaders, opinion makers and intellectuals. It was found that KPs are losing their identity very fast. Their plight has been exploited to the hilt by governance both at state and national levels making them escape-goats as well for all intends and purpose.
Even our intention to return to Valley is doubted ignoring that we are its aborigines and it is our MOTHER LAND. Unanimous view was that youth of the community needs to come forward and carry forward community struggle and its lost identity.
YAIKS has therefore resolved to fight menace of restoring our lost identity; fresh struggle needs to be restarted to connect our future generation with their lost roots, involving civil society of all the three regions of the State through PUBLIC INTERLOCUTORS. Present mode of struggle will be revised to evolve a fresh road map meeting present day requirements through community I-Con.
The Twelve member’s team was also constituted during the interactive session, which will be headed by Pt R K Bhat comprising of B K Bhat, Sunil Koul, Manoj Handoo, Ajay Safaya, Sanjay Ganjoo, Ravinder Sharma, Rakesh Fotadar, Rakesh Bachloo, D. N. Bhat, Pushkar Nath Pandita and Mohan Lal Pandita, who will coordinate and decide the future cores of action in this regard. The document a-way-forward was also released on the occasion.


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