Do You Know Where These Bollywood Actresses Suddenly Disappeared?


We all watch movies, either at theatres or at home on TV but have many times we just forget the faces we used to see are now not seen anymore. Where are they gone ?. Well, that is quite a mystery as everyone has his or her personal life and choices but sometimes we are happy with them and sometimes we are adjusting to them. So, to take these mysteries out to you we have here a list of female actresses who just disappeared from Bollywood. let’s find out what are they up to nowLast seen in Once Again directed by Amol parekar she is married to the editor of GQ Magazine and is living a very beautiful married life and has a baby as well. After having a lead role in Neil and Nikki, she was last seen in the reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi where she was also the finalist. After that, her tracking has not been done in Bollywood or any related industry.
After participating in Big Boss 8 she was last seen in the movie Double Di Trouble. She has got married and now is quite busy handling her personal and married life. Everyone remembers her for her role with none other than our beloved Bhaijaan, Salman Khan in the Tere Naam. Well, after that movie she turned her back to Bollywood and never came back.
After giving her debut film with Salman Khan she turned to Souther Cinema and just didn’t came back. However, recently she is spotted in her first Punjabi Video. Let’s wait what more she has in her arsenal to surprise us.
After becoming the Femina Miss India Universe she was seen in Ashiq Banaya Apne, Good Boy Bad Boy and then soon after that she just took a break and is yet to have a comeback.


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