BJP provided concrete shelters to Rohanigyas: Bhalla


Shadow Correspondent
Former Minister and vice president, Pradesh Congress Committee Raman Bhalla today took the Coalition Government to the task for sacrificing Jammu’s interests for power. He was interacting with people of Amar Singh Colony and Bhour Camp area of Gandhi Nagar constituency on Wednesday as a part of his mass contact programme in Gandhi Nagar constituency.
Bhalla while listening to grievances of people, said both the coalition partners continue slogans and rhetoric on core issues vitiating the atmosphere in the State. Criticizing the working of coalition, former Minister said that it has miserably failed to address the issues of youth and has shown no concern for their welfare and brought no innovative schemes for the gainful employment as also the employability of the youth of the State.
He said that the governance failures writ large in almost every field, adding to the miseries of each and every section of the society.
The non seriousness of the BJP-PDP government to address the burning issue of Rohingyas’s ouster from Jammu can be gauged from the fact that despite lapse of more than a year, a high level committee constituted by the government headed by Dr. Nirmal Singh, Dy. Chief Minister of BJP is constantly sleeping over the matter to keep PDP leaders in good humour which is obliquely supporting the cause of these illegal foreigner refugees.He recalled said that the government had framed a committee vide Govt order No 510 Gad of 2017 dated 24-04-17 to look into the issue and send recommendations to Government for deportation of Rohingyas from Jammu under the headship of Dr Nirmal Singh who is disinterested to watch the interests of Jammu people or serving as a puppet in the hands of PDP and Kashmiri leaders because of his poor background as a sound administrator for fear of losing his job as a minister.


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