Rohangya in Jammu developing serious threat to security: PK


Shadow Correspondent
Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo, President, Panun Kashmir said that the issue of continuous stay of Rohangya illegal immigrants in Jammu is developing into a very serious threat to the security and law & order situation in the J&K state and Jammu province in particular.
It is surprising to note that despite warnings over the last one year in this connection, the government and the political class has failed to take the issue seriously. The Cabinet sub-committee on the issue has not come out with a clear cut policy on the alarming bells on the stay of these illegal immigrants. We cannot absolve the role of those politicians who were responsible for their camping in the Jammu city and its suburbs over the last fifteen years neither the society can shut its eyes towards their illegal stay in J&K State.
These illegal immigrants who also include some souls from Bangladesh as well have been allowed to be engaged in regular economic and social activity in the Jammu city.
Their comforts in their stay are being taken care of by the political class and some NGOs and their detection and deportation is contested and also given a communal colour. Panun Kashmir takes strong objection to the silence of the political class and the government on the issue. We demand that necessary action to detect and deport these illegal immigrants be taken up with the Union Home Ministry on an urgent priority.
Once again, the protagonists have started talking about autonomy in the J&K State.
It is a fact that the plank of autonomy is fundamentally a facade of separatism based on the strong feeling of Muslim majoritarianism. The Art35A and Art370 have been in vogue for the last more than six decades in the state and have simply created a feeling of a “State within a State”.


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