JJSF appeals the businessmen of Jammu to support Bandh Call voluntarily


Shadow Correspondent
In an emergent meeting of JJSF Chaired by its President Advocate Pushvinder Singh and after full deliberations therein on the serious and burning issues concerning the future of Jammu Province. JJSF has unequivocally decided to extend their unconditional support and full contribution in the ongoing agitation regarding the above referred social issues and has decided to participate in the Jammu Bandh call given by the esteemed J&K High Court Bar Association Jammu and to give them full support in Jammu Bandh on 11-04-2018 in order to impress upon the govt to withdraw their orders/minutes of the meetings in Tribals issue and deport the illegal Rohangiya/Bangladeshi immigrants from the state.
Pushvinder Singh said that JJSF has history of supporting and leading the cause of Jammu Region as and when required, be it social, legal, administrative or any other issue.
These issues hit the social fabric of the Jammu Region and is a deliberate attempt to break the social fabric and identity of the Jammu Region as such this attempt of settling the foreigners who does not have any emotional affiliation with this region and many of them are law breakers in their own country and have illegally fled from their country and have illegally entered our country and are enjoying state immunity which the present day govt has to explain as to why they are being provided with ration cards, electricity connections, water connection and their Aadhar Cards with nationality as Indians.
Others who were present on the occasion include Atul Sudan, Vikram Singh Chib, Kuldeep Singh, Pankaj Kerni, Sahil Chouhan, Sunil Chouhan, Abhishek Khajuria, Opinder Singh, Atul Singh, Rishav, Chetan Sharma, etc.


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