India-EU meeting in May to counter online radicalisation


Law enforcement agencies of India and European Union (EU) members are scheduled to meet in New Delhi in May to discuss ways of countering online radicalisation.
India and the EU block would also be expanding the ambit of cooperation in tackling terrorists and terror groups, European Union’s Ambassador to India, Tomasz Kozlowski, said in Guwahati on Tuesday.
“The NIA (National Investigation Agency) would be in charge of the counter-radicalisation meeting. Both India and EU are facing major challenges because of the online reach of radical organisations,” Mr. Kozlowski said.
The objective of the meeting would be to draw a roadmap for neutralising the impact of extremism.
India and EU are also cooperating on ways to combat terrorism. This includes listing area-specific and global terrorist groups.
“The EU has its own list of terrorists and terrorist entities, which is updated every six months. We are sharing information on such elements with India,” Mr. Kozlowski said.
“Last year, India was effusive about the United States blacklisting the Hizb-ul Mujahideen. Fact is, the EU had put this group on the terror list in 2004,” he said.
Migration worry
The EU Ambassador said it was pertinent for India to worry about migration from neighbouring countries.
“India has been facing the migration challenge just as the EU has been since 2015. The migration or refugee problem in EU is somewhat under control, but we are in no position to accommodate more of those seeking asylum for economic reasons,” Mr. Kozlowski said.
India, he added, would be a vital cog in the EU’s discussion on a global solution to the issue of migration so that people might not be forced to flee their homes.


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