Harsh Dev rips apart BJP, tears it to shreds


Shadow Correspondent
Accusing the BJP of having sold its every single slogan for the lust of power, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh Chairman JKNPP and former Minister said that multifarious acts of treachery committed by the Saffron Party in quick succession during its three year rule after its ascendance to power had shocked the conscience of the people particularly its political constituents. With a lengthy unending list of compromises made by BJP for the crumbs of power, its leaders had badly shot themselves in the foot for which Jammu would have to limp for years, said Harsh. He was addressing a massive public rally at Ramnagar Town today.
Accusing the BJP Ministers and MLAs of dancing to the tunes of PDP, Mr. Singh said that the people of Jammu were soaked with the sweat of shame on seeing the Saffron leaders crossing all imaginable limits of sycophancy.
He regretted that the BJP failed to understand that its compulsion to collaborate with PDP in administration was required to co-exist with its need to confront its ally over fundamentals.
It unfortunately divorced its bold promises and public interests and sacrificed them at the altar of so called ‘political constraints’ which was nothing but a euphemism for a selfish marriage of convenience, lamented Harsh.
While the Army was being belittled and betrayed by the incumbent regime, the anti-nationals and stone pelters were being glorified and pampered, regretted Harsh. He said that the govt. nod for withdrawal of cases against 9730 stone pelters who were earlier denounced by the BJP as Pak agents, while it was in opposition had created huge resentment and embitterment amongst the nationalist forces across the country. And as if that was not enough, the BJP-PDP govt. has come out with a new Rehabilitation policy for the surrendered militants that envisages a fixed deposit and a fixed monthly honorarium for those militants who decide to give up guns after having joined armed insurgency.
“Earlier the BJP shocked us by its conduct but during the last 2-3 years, the shocks have been replaced by routine.
It has proved that there are no bars for it, no red lines and it can cross all the limits of political debauchery to remain glued to power”, said Harsh.
Prominent among those who spoke on the occasion included Sukhdev, Pawan Dev, Basharat Ali, Rajesh Sharma, Shiv Dev, Pt. Shiv Ram Sharma, Sher Singh besides others.


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