ABVP expresses concern on education scenario in Jammu and Kashmir


Shadow Correspondent
Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP)State Secretary Deepak Gupta issued a press statement from the state office today. The press statement was issued on the general scenario of education in J&K.
He said that in the past few weeks it has been observed that there are several issues which have been in notice of the society are student related issues; whether it be the paper leak matters of CBSE or Class 11thJKBOSE or it has been a notification been issued by the DC Kathua for the controlling commercialization of education in kathua, protests emerging in Jammu University for the students demand, lack of concern shown by the government in appointing new vice chancellors for the universities, etc.
He further added that the recent paper leak matter of class 11thJKBOSE in which three papers were postponed by the board due to paper leak is a complete administrative failure and it should had been checked by the government and some serious steps for avoiding such problems in future in the form of punishing the culprits of the paper leak must had been done. But looking into the matter there was no serious step taken by the government in this regard on the other hand government is promoting office bearers of JKBOSE and which somewhere provokes these types of activities within the system.
Adding to his statement he said that there has been a problem of overcharging of fees in the private schools in the name of admission fees for promoting students to next year and these type of problems have been registered by parents forums at different levels before the organization and the administrative offices in the past years but only in kathua district the District Magistrate Kathua has taken initiave in this regard using his powers under Cr.PC to address the issue.
It should be a matter that has to be taken up by the government at each and every district by imposing some regulatory reforms and laws to it for stipulating some fixed criteria for fee determination at different levels of education in privately run education institutes throughout J&K.


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