Rattan Lal Mahajan Elected as President Ware House


Shadow Correspondent
The Elections of Traders Federation Ware House-Nehru Market for the term 2018-20 were held today on Sunday at Sainik Farms, Sanik Colony under the supervision of the election President Rajesh Gupta. For the post of General Secretary , Deepak Gupta was elected unanimously. Similarly for the post of Sr. Vc. President, Dheeraj Gupta also declared elected unanimously. Voting held for the rest four posts of Federation including President. For the Post of President Rattan Lal Mahajan @ Ratto Shah secured 329 Votes and Rajesh Gupta secured 156 votes. Rattan Lal Mahajan was declared elected as President.
For the Post of Jr. Vice President Munish Mahajan secured 272 votes and Kunal Gupta secured 209 votes. Munish Mahajan was declared elected as Jr. Vice President.
For the Post of Secretary Abhimanyu Gupta secured 279 votes and Rahul Gupta secured 205 votes. Abhimanyu Gupta was declared elected as Secretary. For the Post of Cashier Vishal secured 245 votes and Amit Gupta secured 239 votes. Vishal was declared elected as Cashier. The Election process was presided by the Election President Rajesh Gupts along with Rajesh Bhagotra, Atul Khanna, Sudesh Gupta, Krishan P Gupta for the term 2018-2020.


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