Most heart attack patients missing golden hour: Dr Sushil


Shadow Correspondent
Deliberating upon the important aspect of time management as an effective remedy in the case of extreme cardiac events Dr. Sushil Sharma today conducted a day long camp in the precincts of Sant Nirankari Satsang Bhawan, Shastri Nagar area of the Jammu City.
More than 500 people were screened and advised during the camp. Clinical and lab evaluation like ECG, Blood sugar and Lipid Evaluation were done and free medicines were distributed as per the requirement.
While interacting with the people Dr Sushil elaborated on the different types of delays responsible for the mortality among heart attack patients and how to handle them viz., “patient delay” is the delay from the onset of chest pain or symptoms to when a call is made to emergency medical services, and can only really be reduced by better public education about heart attacks. Secondly, “system delay” is a combination of “transportation delay” and “door-to-balloon delay” (the time taken for the patient to receive the artery-opening therapy once they are in the hospital). So an approach entailing involvement and improvement in different components of the society viz., family members, effective transport system and urban design, trained paramedical and professional staff in the hospital, advanced cath labs etc. would go a long way in reducing the damage to the heart muscle, he emphasised.
Other who were instrumental in this endeavour includes Dr Anitipal Singh , Dr Chakshu Mahajan ,Dr Kewal Sharma , Dr Hardeep Singh , Dr Mohan Lal Menia and Shri S P Verma ( Padma Shri) .
Paramedics and Volunteers who were part of the team includes Vivak Arya ,Ashish Sharma, Vikas Kumar , Raghav Rajput ,Rohit Kataria, Harsh Dev Singh , Bhanu Pratap Singh , Akshay Kumar , Nitish Gupta , Ankush Kohli ,Suresh Baigra, Amandeep Singh, Rajeev Vohra and Rajkumar.


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