APS Kaluchak observed World Health day


Shadow Correspondent
APS Kaluchak observed the World Health Day on 07 April 2018. A special assembly was organised with different activities sensitizing the students regarding the importance of global health.
A video show was organised on ‘Healthy Food’ in order to acquaint the students with the importance of balanced diet. Shramdaan drill was undertaken by the students. Yoga session was held for class XII students as it not only enhances one’s physical strength but also contributes largely towards mental health and spiritual growth.
A video show was presented for classes VI to VIII on the topic ‘Health and Hygiene’ and ‘Sanitation’ by the school counsellor. The activities were organised in the school to highlight the significance of the issue of good health and well-being. It was a unique experience to come together for a day to promote actions that can improve our health. The students celebrated it with great aplomb by enhancing awareness about it.


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