Madhu Param Hans delivers sermons on the eve of Kabir Jayanti


Shadow Correspondent
On the eve of Kabir Sahib’s 619th Avtaran Divas, a grand satsang was organized at Sant Ashram, Ranjri. Sh. Madhu Param Hans ji Maharaj, the spiritual head of Sahib Bandgi panth, while delivering sermons to his followers at Satwari Chowk, threw light about the message of the saints. After all, what have the saints talked about? To which religion they belonged? What was their aim? Which Super power they have talked about & wherefrom did the line of saints appear? The teachings of Sahib Kabir are of a rare kind. It was he who produced a line of saints & is, as such, described as the first Sant Satguru.
So far as the Sant Matt is concerned, he spoke altogether differently from other religious preachers. Regardubg his identity, some call him as Bhagat Kabir while others call him as Sant Kabir. In fact, both these words are not suitable for him. It is just calling an inspector as a clerk. He was a great Sant satguru who had appeared to spread the movement of Bhakti (worship). He was not a saint but a creator of the line of saints.
The people had a little information about him. That is why everyone spoke in his own way. Let’s give a thought as to what does sant Matt stand for. Among the saints there have been the Hindus, the Muslims as well as the Christians.
Who were these people? To which religions they belonged? They came from different religions but were called as saints. What did the great saints like Palto Sahib, Miran Bai, Baba Farid, Ravi Dassji or Nanak Dev ji preach? Did they talk about the formless (Nirakar).
The era of saints began with the appearance of Sahib Kabir.
Nirakar was very much there prior to him as well. Did he talk of the 5 words which were there earlier as well. These have been there since the Vedic era. We find a mention of the words like ‘Satt’ Shabad, ‘Soham’ & the like. Which way is the wave of Bhakti moving? Even the Nirgun worshippers talk about the inner world. They speak about the 5 postures as well. The word ‘Aunkar’ has been there since the Vedic era.
Whole of the world has been lost in Aunkar. But the Sar Nam is a hidden one.
Had the Sar Nam (the real Nam) been one among the 5 words the Sidhs, yogis & other worshippers have been reciting, there would have been no need for Sahib Kabir to talk about the Satya Nam that is far ahead of the 5 words.
He says that even the Vedas throw no light on Amar lok that is the rarest place.
In fact, those whom Sahib Kabir took to the 4th loka & enabled them have the holy vision of Param Purush, came to be called as saints. Afterwards, they also talked about the lokas that lay beyond the 3 lokas.


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