Conspiracy against Raabta is over now!


The trailer of Raabta shows glimpses of actor Sushant Singh Rajput in the avatar of a barbarian, slashing his enemies with some crafty sword-play. Behind the scenes leading up to the release of the film has been another high-voltage drama unraveling itself with more action than you’ll probably see in the film.

We all are aware how filmmakers have been targeted just before the release of their films. The common ploy has been to try and get a stay order against a film’s release until a case is completed. It is often assumed that the filmmakers will panic and settle through compensation to ensure the smooth release of their films.

In an unprecedented case, maker of the Telegu film Magadheera slapped a last-minute case on the makers of Raabta citing plagiarism. Unusual to see members of the same fraternity trying to prevent a release, we contacted the filmmakers who were tight-lipped about the case saying it was a legal matter. On further investigation we have found a bizzare case that was being fought.


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