Residents of Bhalara (Chirala) Doda protest against bad condition of road



BHADERWAH,22 MAY; –  up in arms bad condition of the road,residents of Bhalara panchayat  of Tehsil Chiralla held  Strong protest demonstration against  R&B/PWD department at near high school Joshala and burn effigies. The crowed chanted anti-  slogans  for their failure to repair the badly damaged road since many years and have shown their anguish over the MLA attitude towards the neglected people of area.     Local people   said that,about 2 thousands inhabitants of Bhalara area are still living in medevial condition due to lack of basic facilities viz poor road connectivity , lack of medical fecilities ,shortage of rotion and other basic amenities .The inhabitants of  are aghast over the step-motherly treatment of   and PWD/R&b for failing to repair about 8 km from Poneja  to Bhalara .The Bhalara  road lies in a dilapidated condition from many years.’’ due to which we have to face various difficulties day in a day out, the road is dotted after step by step with potholes we many times pleaded authorities but our request felt deaf ear constantly.’’ Said sh.Romesh kumar,serpanch Bhalara.

Rainfall only worsens the conditions of already depleted roads. For pedestrians, the misery is even worse.They not only have to navigate through the omnipresent potholes on the roads but also have to be wary about the passing vehicles which might spray them with muddy water .The road has big pits all through Bhalara road  .Locals said the road has been in the dilapidated condition from a long time and no official of R&B/PWD  has bothered to them on this matter so that the road will get macadamized we have been continuously to suffer. locals said that  the area of constituency  has been completely neglected by the local MLA  and concerned department for years  .The same has been highlighted to the MLA  and administration but no action has been taken so far. The people of the area have been  repeatedly requesting the MLA and concerned department for repair of the road but all in vain.Large number of people assembled by Bhalara and raised slogns against the concerned department and burnt effigies.The protests was led by sh.Romesh manhas,serpach Bhalara,Nirmal singh,capt.Roshan lal,jaGDISH Raj Lamberdar Bhalara,Om Prakesh,naib serpanch,Mair chand,Ashok Manhas,Om raj,Ravinder kumar,Narinder singh and ved prakesh also took part.They also warned the authorities if their demand of construction of  the road is not fulfilled at the earliest ,they will launch protests and for any untoward incident,the government and administration will be responsible.


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