Various Sikh organizations hail the victory of S Manjeet Singh in Delhi Gurudwara polls


Shadow Correspondent
Sikhs hail the victory of S.Manjeet Singh G.K in Delhi Gurudwara polls. While addressing a joint press conference of various Sikh organizations J&K including Shiromani Akali Dal J&K,Bhai Kanhiya Nishkam Sewa Society, A.I.S.S.F, Sikh Welfare Society , Member D.G.P.C.Jammu, Sikh Naujwan Sabha, S.Sudershan Singh Wazir, former president J&K State Gurudwara Parbandak Board and chairman Sikh United Front J&K, described the victory of S.Manjeet Singh G.K and his team a the victory of the whole panth. Great efforts made by Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee under the leadership of S.Manjeet Singh G.K has revived and rejuvenated spirit of Sikhism among the community all over the world.
Mr. Wazir while addressing the joint press conference further said that the Sikh Sangat of J&K will fully support S.Manjeet Singh G.K in his future panthic efforts to enlighten the community and keep it united.
Wazir lambasted the attitude of fascists forces of terror let loose by B.J.P and its allied organizations like A.B.V.P who have not only trolled but also threatened of raping Miss Gurmehar Kour a daughter of India whose father was martyred during the Kargil War.
He further said that Sikhs have sacrificed a lot for creating the present day democratic india and Bharat and the community is ready to extend any sacrifice to protect its constitution, culture and tradition. Indian culture is an epitome of respect to women and the so called pseudo nationalist who claim to be guardians of Indian culture perhaps need to revisit the soul of Vedas and other Holy scriptures to know the lessons conveyed about respect to women and dissenting opinion.


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