Natrang stages Urdu play ‘Parvaaz’


Shadow Correspondent
This Sunday, Natrang presented two back to back performances of an Urdu play ‘Parvaaz’ written by Balwant Thakur and directed by Neeraj Kant at Police Auditorium, Jammu. The shows were organised by J & K Police. Indeed it was very thoughtful of J & K Police to organise the performances of such a highly relevant and meaningful play for a larger number of audience in synch with Police Public Mela, and the outcome was pack-house and positively motivated audience of both the shows.
The play ‘Parvaaz’, which is written very wittingly, not only highlights the highly prevalent problems of the society but also suggests the workable solutions and the most admirable part of the play is that, though it teaches and preaches a lot but all this is so subtle that it appears credibly entertaining which works very effectively in getting the candid attention of the audience who needs to be educated while entertained.
The play busted the menace of Drugs from all the corners, it projected it as one of the biggest threat to the society as it enslaves the torchbearers of the future generation to the extent that the only exit from its prison is through death and destruction not only of the victim but also the tragic end of his/her family. Only those people consider it a lesser threat who are unaware of the damages it does and they are the people who see the things with closed eyes, this play was an endeavour to open their eyes wide. Other important issues such as peace and positivity amongst youth which is the prerequisite for growth and prosperity were also touched in the play comprehensively.
A person who wants to fulfil his dreams of touching the sky and achieve success would never ever appreciate the nefarious thoughts of the diseases of society such as drugs, hatred, ignorance, negativity etc. And in return, these wicked powers try to suppress him. Now it is upto the youth to empower which side, peace or hatred, health or drugs, hope or distrust. The play leaves a very impactful message which was testified by the warm response of audience.
Natrang artists who gave remarkable performances included Mohd. Yaseen, Mahikshit Singh, Meenakshi Bhagat, Brijesh Avtaar Sharma, Mihir Gujral, Vrinda Sharma, Shivam Singh, Bhisham Gupta, Rishav Sharma, Masood Qadir and Abhi Bargotra. The show was coordinated by Sumeet Sharma.


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