Is Hrithik desperate to meet someone


Eman Ahmed Abdulati, an Egyptian national who has been admitted to Saifee hospital for a life saving weight reduction surgery has expressed her desire to shake a leg with Bollywood’s best dancer Hrithik Roshan.
She revealed her desire when the actor’s family had come to visit her at the hospital.
When Hrithik learnt about her wish, Hrithik shared `I would love to dance with Eman. In fact I am eager to meet her once i am back in India. Through her fight against life threatening obesity she has an opportunity of inspiring millions of people. Once she is done with her treatment i surely would accept this dance challenge and would love to loose to her. But before that happens we all need to support her in every manner in this fight.”
Hrithik has found Eman to be a true inspiration for all of us and can’t wait to shake a leg with her! He prays for her well-being.


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