Did Kangan fall prey to conspiracy?


Director Vishal Bhardwaj’s Rangoon released today, and quite expectedly, its leading lady Kangana Ranaut has been garnering great reviews. But it is not something that the actor had herself anticipated as she reveals that most of her important scenes were chopped off at the editing table, which she believed would have weakened her performance.
The period romance has been getting mixed reactions but the performances of its principal cast, which also includes Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan, has got a unanimous praise.
`I didn’t think (I’ll be appreciated this much). Many of my favourite scenes, which were important for my graph, were chopped off. I prepare my character’s graph in a linear pattern and when I saw the film, Vishal sir explained why he cut those scenes,` Kangana told reporters here at a post-release promotional event of Rangoon.
The actor, however, added that the editing was fair and important for the film. `Of course it was a very legitimate thing to do. But when I thought that several top-notch scenes of my graph have been cut, all my hopes were shattered. I thought now my work will be so-so, it won’t be appreciated that much. But despite that people are loving it. I am very happy,` she said.
The Sajid Nadiadwala-produced film has been shot on a large scale and, naturally so, on a huge budget. So, when asked about the nervousness regarding the money the film will make at the box-office, Kangana said that she hopes it is at least able to recover its cost.
`This is a business proposition so, all you want is that the investments should be recovered,` she said adding that the obsession with the `rs 100-crore club` is vulgar, `With every film there is this expectation of doing 100-crores. But it should be a beneficial business proposition for everyone,` the actor said.


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