Seating yourself in a bus you can’t be expected to cross the sea: Madhu Paramhans Ji Maharaj


Shadow Correspondent
Satguru Sh. Madhu Paramhans Ji Maharaj, while unfolding the secrets related to the spiritual world during his discourse at Satwari Chowk said that man has been busy in performing body related yog. The aim of this yog is to keep the body in a healthy state. I am not against it. I myself have been performing yog for the past 50 years. In fact, I have been taking exercise & performing yog right from the age of 12 years. But these physical exercises have a certain limit. Seating yourself in a bus you can’t be expected to cross the sea.
I am talking about a deep secret. It is not easy to understand it easily. We say you won’t be able to attain God through yoga. Yog will help you maintain a healthy body free from diseases if you do it in a systematic way. There are specific yogas for women, children, young & the old. These are performed keeping in view the age factor. You should be cautious about it. The yoga can prove harmful if it is done without proper knowledge. Likewise, you would have to face bitter experience if you perform worship without having the needed knowledge.
The Yogas like Shirshasan, Bhujangasan, Bazarasan, Matasya asan & the like performed by the yogis are related to body. Through these practices we give power & energy to our body. Secondly, yoga is related to our subtle tissues. We are not opposing it. But this as well has certain limit. You would never be able to attain spiritual knowledge through it.
Likewise, the Sagun mode of worship as well has a limit. We don’t denounce it. The limits have been described in Shastras. In this kind of worship the significance is attached to acts of charity, merit & noble deeds. It is good but what is that which you will gain? You will be able to attain only two kinds of salvations – Salokya & Sameepya. Sameepa will take you to the Loka of Pitars & the like. You will remain there for thousands of years. But then again you will have to take birth.
Salokya will take you to Lokas like heaven. In the Vedas one can find a description of it.
According to Sahib, the Jiva can’t attain real salvation without seeking the shelter of a Satguru. This is because the entire 3 Lokas are under the sway of Kaal. The modes of worship like Sagun, Nirgun & the yog etc. keep one within the bounds of 3 Lokas. These can’t help in crossing this limit.


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