BJP MLAs chanting melody of Kashmir: Chuni


Shadow Correspondent
S. O. S. International – An organization for PoK Displaced Persons today organized a huge rally at Tawi Pul, Jammu in which scores of PoK Displaced Persons participated and hailed the continuous efforts of S. O. S. International to fight for the cause and bringing the battle at this level. S. O. S. International Chairman, Rajiv Chuni welcomed participants in the rally for showing their unity and dedication to get due justice from Government which has been keeping blind-eye towards the genuine demands of PoK DPs since 1947.
While addressing the rally, S. O. S. International Chairman Mr. Chuni said that PoK DPs were subjected to genocide in 1947 and were sheltered temporarily in and outside J&K State and since then no steps were taken to rehabilitate them permanently, which itself tells the pathetic tale of various successive Governments. He further said that during the recently concluded assembly session memorandum letters were given to various political parties of the Jammu and Kashmir State to bring and pass a resolution for vacating PoK and restore PoK DPs at their ancestral places with dignity and honour. “All political parties gave only lip assurance to S. O. S. International delegation during handing over of memorandum but none of the parties have spoken a single word in the Legislative Assembly which is evident that they don’t have any concern with plight of PoK DPs. The whole proceeding of Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly was based on “Kashmir in mind”, in other words, it was just Kashmir Centric. BJP MLAs whom we voted to power seen chanting melody of Kashmir. Now, this is the need of the hour that these anti-PoK DPs leaders/parties must be identified and teach them a severe lesson so that any further exploitation of PoK DPs can be stopped”, he added. He further said that it is up to us what to do with these hostile parties who utilized us for their political gains and remember us during election times only.
“Not only State Government but Central Government too is responsible behind the rising plights of PoK DPs as it is clear from the fact that 5300 PoK DPs families were excluded from Rs 2000 crore package.
He further said that any amount or relief package can’t match the sacrifices made by PoK refugees and no Government is able to compensate the sort of trauma faced by them for the last 7 decades. “The future of 3 generations has been put in ambiguity by various successive Governments and now the S. O. S. International will not allow it to happen anymore as PoK DPs have already faced too much cruelty and apathy since their exodus from their ancestral places. Government is praising itself as it seems that it has provided the complete justice to PoK refugees but I would like to make it clear that Government should not keep itself in any misunderstanding as it hasn’t done any favour on us as it is our constitutional right”, he added.
Chuni stated that other components of package passed by State Cabinet including Rs 25 lakh per family, reservation to the wards of PoK refugees in professional and technical colleges across the country, employment package for the unemployed youths in Government jobs and many more have been excluded which is irking the most destitute community at their peak. “Government keeps grudge in its heart and it seems another gimmick of Government, moreover it is still unacquainted of ground realities and tragic tale of PoK DPs”, he added.
Vinay Sharma Office Secretary conducted stage proceedings. Others who also spoke were Prof. JS Mangal, Roshan Lal all vice-chairman, VK Datta, Tarvinder Singh, Roshan Malhotra, Sat Paul Lakha all secretaries, Sanjay Kohli, Ashwani Bakshi, Subash Suri, Virinder Khajuria and Vijay Gupta.


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