NPSU demands removal of Chairman JKPSC for playing with the future of Youth of Jammu


Shadow Correspondent
NPSU today held a strong protest on the issue regarding discrimination faced by the Jammu youths in different exams. NPSU continent gathered at gate of Jammu University and raised slogans against the present State Govt. besides burning the effigy of State Govt.Citing the example in which JKPSC sets new record in which 70% of AP,s selected from Kashmir Valley.
Thakur Virender Singh NPSU president while integrating with media persons lambasted such a heinous act to spoil the career of educated youth of Jammu where in Kashmir the youth who were involved in stone pelting, mob violence, burning of public establishment like schools, colleges etc. are given prizes in the form of jobs and compensation of the rupees 5 lacs .Such a blatant accadous attitude of present regime of PDP_BJP in Jammu Kashmir should be overthrown which is against the educated youths of the State especially of Jammu region.
Singh questioned 26 MLA,s of BJP, What had made them quite?. Why now BJP have forgotten the promises made before the election?. Where is their promise to cut discrimination with Jammu region?. Mr. Singh said that BJP have been exposed completely as they have done nothing for the sake of Jammu youths and the 26 puppets of BJP must get ready to face the masses of Duggar Pradesh as they have surrendered everything just for the lust of power.
NPSU warns the present PDP_BJP to resort this matter by again reframing the results of different lists for various posts in colleges so that educated Jammu youth got their due place otherwise NPSU will start movement against this injustice in whole Jammu region and also demanded immediate removal of Chairman PSC who is responsible for all this mess.


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