Clear policy over allowing settlement of Rohingya Muslims: SSH to Govt


Shadow Correspondent
Shiv Sena Hindustan has slammed coalition government for being lax in allowing the settlement of over 6,000 Rohingya Muslims in Jammu region. Addressing media persons in Jammu, State President Shiv Sena Hindustan, Pt, Rajesh Kesri asked the state government to take measures to “stop” the illegal settlement of Bangladeshi Muslims. He said that the Rohingya Muslims started coming to Jammu region over six years back and “over a period of time their number has increased”. “They are mostly doing odd-jobs and are rag-pickers and even do begging to eke out a living. However, Kesri demanded that the state government should spell out a policy on “whether Rohingya and Bangladeshi Muslims can stay in the state.” “The government should spell out a policy on Rohingya Muslims. It is a very serious matter and the government should find out how they have come to the state. They are living without permission and could be a threat to the security of the state. He asked the government to be serious about the issue and clear its policy,”.Kesri further said that those Bangladeshi and Rohingya Muslims who are living illegally here should be dealt sternly. He said that there are many who are overstaying the period for which they have been permitted against valid travel documents adding there “were others who have entered illegally by crossing the border. He regretted that BJP leadership was merely issuing press statements but has done nothing to deport back these illegal immigrants. He said that these immigrants reportedly involved in several criminal and rebellious backgrounds were prone to ‘Jehadi extremism’ in the militancy hit state being close to aggressive Pakistan.
They are suspected to be involved in various anti-national activities like drug trafficking, hawala transactions at the behest of enemies of the nation,” Kesri submitted, adding that their presence will lead to increase in pro-separatist as well as anti-India activities in the state.


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