Sadhvi Rekha Behan Solemnizes “Parents Worship Day” at Bapu Ji’s Ashram


Shadow Correspondent
:To apply breaks on the celebration of “Valentine Day” by Bhartiya Youth Parents Worship Day was celebrated in the Ashram Complex of Sant Shri Asa Ram Bapu at Bhagwati Nagar, Ashram started over a decade ago by His holiness Sant Shri Asa Ram Bapu as a safeguard for “Valentine Day” today “Parents Worship Day” is being celebrated all over the globe irrespective of Caste, Creed and Colour. Over 167 countries of the World have appreciated the tireless efforts of Pujya Sant Shri Asa Ram Ji Bapu in eradicating the adverse effects of “Valentine Day” which has brought havoc among the teenagers and youth of the “Globe” ever since its inception. “Several thousands become frequent before they come of age, a considerable number of girls go for abortion and an innumerable teenagers fall a prey to sexual practices and thereby subjected to lead a purposeless, aimless and a miserable life worst than a hill, adding “Love is Divine” and so it is sacred and pins and should be experienced by loving “God”, “Guru”, and “Parents”. One who loves the three entities indeed loves “mankind”, said Sadhvi Rekha Behan (one of the most blessed disciple of Pujya Bapu ji), She was addressing the devotees over the celebration of “Parents Worship Day”, She described “Lord Ganesha- an exemplary character of Wisdom, Worshipping his parents and attaining blessings of being “Worshipped” first among all other deities. Prior to this she spoke at length about “Guru Mahima”, adding a “Brahm Gyani” Guru can change the fate of his disciple of the disciple is deserving and loyal. She highlighted district legends of “Ramayana” and “Mahabharta” in her Satsang difficult to be penned. Enthralling with her sweet voice, the devotees were mesmerized with the Divine Songs/Bhajans sung by her. It is pertinent to mention here that Sh. Sat Sharma MLA and State President BJP along with other BJP workers attended the programme of “Parents Worship Day” and got blessings of Sadhvi “Rekha Behan Ji” The Satsang lasted for about 2 hours and later the devotees dispersed after taking prashada of “Guru Ka Langar”.


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