DF & SS takes out procession against Non availability of Ration


Shadow Correspondent
The workers of Dogra Front & Shiv Sena under the leadership of President Ashok Gupta took out a procession in Jammu city against the non availability of ration since past 6 months which has led to the situation of hue and cry among the people of the area.
To highlight the alleged negligence, irregularities and irresponsible attitude in making the proper ration distribution and keeping the genuine BPL card holders away from their allotted ration quota, a large number of registered consumers held a protest demonstration against Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution (CAPD) Department under the leadership of Ashok Gupta.
The centre government declared a policy that sugar will not be made available by the central government but the funds will be issued to the state government for the procurement of the sugar. The sugar has not been provided to the people since past 6 months but the funds have been realised from the central government.
Mr Ashok Gupta demanded that if the funds have been realised than why the sugar has not been provided to the ration depots so an Enquiry should be setup and a white paper must be issued, in regard of the non availability of sugar.
He further stated that earlier Ration was provided to the dealers at there shops but now the CAPD is asking the dealers to pick up the ration from the godowns which has led to the situation of revolt among the dealers and the department, due to which the poor is suffering till the time the ambush atmosphere between the two gets amicably resolved.
Mr Gupta said that the department of CAPD has been taking such decisions which instead of providing any relief to the poor population, has been creating more problems for the already suffering people.
The designation of A.D is empty since past 5 months and an additional charge has been given to the A.D of Bhalwal block which just shows the mismanagement on the governments end.
The party people who were present at the time of protest were Suresh, Prem, Sudesh, Geeta, Raj Kumari , Abhishek, and various others were present.


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