The world is an abode of sorrows & sufferings: Madhu Param Hans ji Maharaj


Shadow Correspondent
Showering nectarine bliss on the devotees during the course of a Satsang at Ranjri on the eve of Poornima, His holiness, Madhu Param Hans ji Maharaj, the spiritual head of Sahib Bandgi panth, said that the world is an abode of sorrows & sufferings. It is foolish on the part of a prisoner to say tht he feels quite comfortable in his prison house. This is because the greatest pleasure lies in freedom. As this freedom has been lost, he is taken as a prisoner even though he may be enjoying all sorts of delicious foods & facilities. So he is devoid of real pleasures. The same is the case of the soul that has been imprisoned in the bodily cage. It has become devoid of the real pleasures. It is in a pitiable condition. Actually, this soul is a very rare one. All of you possess the genes, appearance & virtues of your ancestors. You will be seeing the appearance of your father in your ownself & that of your ownself in your own children. It is but natural. Likewise, this soul of ours is a part of God & as such, it has in it all the virtues of the latter. This soul is not an ordinary thing. It has a great glamour in it. As God is an unending source of eternal pleasures, this soul as well possesses these eternal pleasures. As God is all powerful, the soul as well is so. The soul is stable & comfortable like God. It doesn’t perish like the latter in any set of circumstances. But in this physical body the soul feels very uncomfortable. It has lost its glamour after adopting the physical body.
We can’t see the shine of a diamond if it is buried in earth. Likewise, the glamour of the soul has been lost. The influence of Munn-Maya has been responsible for it. None but a satguru has the power to remove this evil influence. The soul needs no external power & energy. The satguru, after destroying the veil of Munn-Maya, enables the soul to realise its ownself.


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