SS appeals Distt Admn to throw out “Rohingyas, Bangladeshis from Jammu


Shadow Correspondent
Shiv Sena (Bala Sahib Thackery) today expresses deep concern over the increasing number of population of “Rohingyas, Bangladeshis in Jammu and asked them to leave Jammu without any delay. While talking to media persons here at Jammu State President of Shiv SenaDimpy Kohli and other party leaders Rakesh Gupta, Manish Sawney Raj Singh Narinder Chuni & Vikas Patel made a appeal to people of Jammu especially Hindus to Wake up and unite to “save [the] history, culture and identity of Dogras. On the ocassion Dimpy demand the departure of the threatening presence of refugees and migrants (“Rohingyas, Bangladeshis) who have made Jammu their temporary home.
Dimpy cited Article 370 of the Indian constitution as one of the reasons for his party’s opposition to the Rohingya presence in the state. He said as per this article , allowing any non-Indian to take up residence in the state is a “total violation of the constitution” because the document of accession does not permit foreigners, whether they be Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar or West Pakistan refugees, to live in Jammu and Kashmir.
He said that this is a bid conspiracy to to reduce Dogra population to minority in their bastion Jammu by engineering demographic changes.
He further said that Shiv Sena under the dynamic leadership of party’s State President Sh, Uddhav Ji Thackery strongly opposed to the “illegal resettlement” of the “thousands and lakhs” of refugees that end up Jammu as they flee violent persecution in their home countries. He also said that the refugees are a “security threat” to India , Jammu and that intelligence agencies have termed them a “ticking time bomb”.
Dimpy said that as per the reports 17 FIRs have been registered against 38 Rohingyas for various offences including those related to illegal border crossing.
He said that these Rohingyas are “known” to be of a “criminal background” and have violently attacked Buddhist communities in their native Myanmar. Dimpy on the occasion made an appeal to Distt. Administration Jammu to throw out these anti social Rohingyas out of Jammu to save Jammu from any type of destruction. Those who were present on the occasion were Radhe Radhe Maharaj, Ramesh Gupta, Viajy Malayal and others.


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