Unique tech gifts for your valentine


New Delhi, Feb 08 : Finding the right Valentine’s Day gift has always been tough task for most of us. More so when Valentin’s day is just around the corner. Hence, it’s a good idea to start thinking about gift options in advance else one ends up buying chocolates, roses etc.

So this year, let’s swap those with cooler & quirkier gifting options to woo your partner. Here are some gift options that will make your valentine’s heart spin.

HTC Vive – VR Glasses: If your partner is a die-hard gamer then this piece of technology is the best to gift him this Valentine’s day. It is the best available option right now in virtual reality. It offers an unparalleled experience by providing users with the opportunity to not only look around the virtual environment but physically walk around and interact with the environment.

Bluetooth Gloves: These Bluetooth enabled gloves will allow you to take calls and change your audio irrespective of you are riding or skiing. It’s the best gift for your biker and adventure lover partner.

Lechal Smart Insoles: Wouldn’t it be great if your footwear could be your fitness coach and do all the talking? Lechal insoles and buckles, an innovation by Ducere Technologies, does exactly the same. If you want to run with your hands free, this wearable is just meant for you. All you have to do is, just connect the insoles or the buckles to the Lechal app, slide them into your shoes and get real time update of your fitness & navigation through haptic feedback – the sense of touch using vibrations. Its user-friendly interface allows easy access to turn-by-turn navigation, creating custom workouts, setting fitness goals and much more

Muse: If your partner love meditating this is the product you should gift them to enhance their experience. Muse has 7 sensors, and collects data in 4 channels through which it shares the feedback with you on how your meditation practice is going. It will resolve all the doubts your partner have about meditation.

Nixie: Gift this to your selfie lover and make her Valentine’s Day special. Unlike selfie stick you don’t have to hold it in your hand. It’s a wrist- wearable selfie drone which takes off clicks your picture and swoops down to where it started.


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