I have come out as a different person working with Hrithik: Yami Gautam


How is the promotional tour going on and what do you feel coming back to Kolkata?
We just went to one of the colleges here (Bhawanipur Education Society College). It is absolutely encouraging to see so much love and irrespective of our tiredness, we got energised. I do have a strong connection with Kolkata as I have played the role of a Bengali girl in my first Hindi film (Vicky Donor) and people here have given so much love to me since then.
How was the experience playing the role of a visually impaired girl?
Of course being an actor I had to do my preparations. While playing the role of Rohan and Supriya (Hrithik and Yami), we had to be familiar with the world of blind people but honestly when we understood the characters and the darkness of visually impaired people in true sense, we realised the importance of being ourselves than like others. There was no way to try hard to behave like blind people. They never yearn for sympathy and had no helplessness of any sort amongst the blind people we came across.
What do you have to say about the characters you and Hrithik play in Kaabil?
If one watches Rohan and Su (Supriya), he would find them as the strongest characters in the film because that is taken as a cue from the real life. They are achievers and go-getters and the zest they hold for life is incredible and inspiring. They actually inspired us to be like ourselves in the film. Of course there are certain instances where we had to work upon as a team but the character Su (Supriya) is always with me and will be.
What is the first thing that came to your mind when you were offered the role opposite Hrithik?
The first thing that came to my mind was not restricted to my mind but it went to my heart, smile and face. I had the patent Miss Universe reaction (smiles).
How is Hrithik as a co-star?
It has been inspiring not only as an actor or a co-star but at every level. I have been his fan for his acting, stardom and dance but after working with him, I emerged as a fan for the kind of human being he is and will be for lifetime. I have come out as a different person working with Hrithik and have huge gratitude for him. He encouraged me throughout the making of the film and the shooting period.


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