SMVDNSH oncology expert delivers lecture on ‘Cancer awareness’ at JU


JAMMU: The department of Botany, University of Jammu and IDA Jammu on the occasion of world cancer day today organised a health talk by Dr. Sandeep Kaul, Consultant Surgical Oncology, SMVDNSH. The topic of the health talk was “Cancer Prevention and its Awareness”. The talk was organised because of the efforts of Dr. Y P Sharma, Prof and HOD, Department of Botany and Dr. Gautam Sharma, President IDA.

Dr. Sandeep Kaul gave the general public a detailed Copied from jammu links news talk on cancer prevention and screening in layman’s language.

The distinguished faculty who attended the interactive talk included Dr. Geeta Sumbli, Dr. Satnam kour, Prof. Kedarnath Sharma, Dr. Vishwaraksha, Dr. Parmil kumar and prof. Prakash amongst others.


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